Making the entertainment around the world accessible.


Provide services only a company established by translators can.

Making the entertainment around the world accessible.


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<Specialized in video contents> Media translation,

video production, film distribution, and contents management.

Show respect to creators.

Make the world accessible to everyone.

There are wonderful productions around the world. We deliver them to our customers through the act of translation. What we put priority on is to deliver the same energy, the same complexity and the same nuance that creators wanted to give to their productions in their mother tongues. Some might think, "it's fine to translate in ways that make them easier to understand", but every production has context. Making them easier to understand is just translators being arrogant. To replicate a world as it was portrayed by its creator. That is true translation. And only the true translation can create a world where everyone can enjoy productions without language barriers. We, Cultural Life, strive to provide quality translation services that are long-lasting in people's memories rather than providing disposable ones.

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​Cultural Life Inc.

Suidobashi Bldg. 5F, 1-4-4, Hongo, Bunkyo-ward, Tokyo

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Shun Nikaido


(+81) 50-5433-7205

​1st May, 2018